Terms & Conditions
Courier & Timescale’s

Collections and deliveries will be on weekdays from home or work. Collection and delivery times are between 9am -17.30pm. Monday to Friday Other times may be arranged at a small extra cost. Saturday returns can also be arranged at a cost of £20.00 extra.
The dress will take a minimum of 5 – 6 weeks to be completed and we will contact you to arrange a convenient return date. Express orders are available, please ask for details.
Packaging & Labeling
Please ensure that your dress is packaged and adequately protected for the journey with
the courier on a van. We ask that it be sent to us inside a plastic bag and in then in a
cardboard box.
Place your details including phone number inside the box and seal it up securely. Either print the label below or write our name and address on the outside of the box. We cannot be responsible for any wedding dresses that goes missing in transit if not packaged in this way.

Please do not send it for cleaning  in your original wedding dress bag or hanger if you want to keep them, as we do not return these with dress. 
Insurance for transit & cleaning

The wedding dress is insured for up to the value of £500.00 for transit, further insurance for transit may be purchased at a small cost. Please note that most insurance companies will only insure up to half the cost of the dress when new and a valid receipt would be required for any claim.
In the extremely unlikely event of the wedding dress being damaged and the cleaning process is found to be at fault, the dress would be insured for up to half of the cost when new to a maximum of £500 and a valid receipt would be required. Items over 1 Year old would be depreciated accordingly.

Stain removal & Fabrics

We would like to guarantee to every customer the removal of all marks and stains from every wedding dress we clean, however this is not always possible and we warn our customers to be wary of any such claims. For example heavy mud, red wine & perspiration marks can dye some fabrics. Delicate materials can be damaged by inappropriate cleaning, so to ensure this does not happen we clean the wedding dress by the method most suitable for the type of material and construction of the dress. This ensures the best possible result, whilst caring for the dress fabric itself. If the dress carries no specific cleaning instructions we will use the most delicate method of cleaning possible, however this will be at the owners risk.
We do not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to buckles, buttons, beads, flowers & crystals, diamantes ect, due to their unsuitability for cleaning. We do use the best cleaning method suited to the dress to minimise any risk. Some fabrics may develop some slight changes in appearance and feel when cleaned and again this is something we cannot know and as such cannot be held responsible for..
If for any reason you are not entirely happy with the results of the cleaning, we will be happy to discuss this with you and explain the cleaning process to you.
Please note that some brides may wish to wear the dress again for a further ceremony, which means we will not accept disputes after 48 hours of delivery back to you. You will be required to send the dress back to us for inspection.

Payment in full is required prior to returning your wedding dress, however if you do not wish to pay at the time of placing your order this is fine, we will call you to arrange the paymnet option which suits you best.
N.B. We do not take card payment at the point of order on-line, however we do accept credit and debit card payments. 

Our Delivery Address
Gownclean Ltd.
751 Aylestone Rd.
LE2 8TG 



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