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Wedding dress cleaning by GownClean

You will already know how precious your wedding dress is and how important having your wedding dress cleaning carried out by experts is too but do you realise if you don’t store your wedding dress carefully, then it may react to the atmosphere and discolour or collect dust. BTW Did you search for wedding dress cleaning near me?  Never store your beautiful wedding gown in a plastic bag for long periods of time, as this could cause mildew. Reviews  :  If wedding Gown cleaning  is not carried out, any untreated stains, however minor, will soon become ‘set’ into the fabric and are likely to cause permanent marking. Some invisible marks, particularly simple drink spills especially sugary drinks, will progressively darken and oxidise with time and become very difficult or impossible to remove later. Reviews ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ : Wedding Gown cleaning  is needed as soon as possible to avoid stains setting. If you are keeping your dress then do consider boxing with acid free tissue in one of our stunning wedding dress storage boxes. Drop off your wedding dress cleaning at one of our stores here. Minimum of 4 to 6 week turn around on most items, an express service is available please ask for details. (20% surcharge on some express items) We can supply travel boxes and / or cleaning packages for your wedding abroad too. On return home we can have your wedding dress collected, cleaned and returned back for your East Midlands Leicester Leicestershire  service or simply cleaned and boxed to preserve your wedding abroad memories. If you would like to speak to a member of our team please call 01162 38 9991 or request a call back using our contact form.

Why wedding dress cleaning?

Perhaps you’re thinking ‘Why do I need to get my wedding dress cleaned, it doesn’t really look dirty to me? The answer is quite simply, because your wedding dress is incredibly delicate and special. If you do not have your wedding dress cleaned properly and stored carefully, it may react to the atmosphere and discolour. At many weddings drinks get spilt, brides get warm make up rubs off, people stand on your train. It is inevitable that your dress will contain dirt, even if you can not at first see it, and this may damage a wedding dress if not cleaned professionally. Something to take into consideration when having a wedding dress cleaned, is the way you will store the wedding dress afterwards. It is also extremely important that your wedding dress is not kept in a plastic bag for too long, as even the slightest grain of moisture in such an airless environment can cause mildew to develop on a wedding dress quite quickly. As you will know if you have ever got mildew growing on any fabric before, it is difficult to near impossible to remove the damage this causes. Wedding dresses should be stored in a special acid free box with acid free tissue paper to prevent damage and deterioration of the wedding dress caused by pollutants and toxins. Failure to do this correctly can cause the dress to fade or yellow over time. We strongly recommend having your wedding dress cleaned professionally and stored in a beautiful wedding dress storage box to keep the memories for years to come and maybe who knows pass down to a family member. Can you get very dirty dresses clean? Our cleaning results are quite simply Excellent. However the quality of the end result can in most cases depend on the fabric of the dress and the type of staining. Does Silk clean well? In most cases silk does clean very well and the majority of stains will be removed. However silk is a natural fibre and as such it retains dye stuffs. So a stain such as red wine on a silk dress is very difficult to remove (But not impossible depending on age). Polyester dresses… In most cases dye stuffs do not “stick” to polyester fabrics and the overall results can be exceptional even with road tar and heavy drink and mud staining we would expect your dress to be almost perfect. Is my dress just too dirty to send?  We will have cleaned  1,000’s od wedding dress this year and we have seen it all. Don’t be afraid to send your very dirty wedding dress to us. It’s our job… We love a challenge and our customers love the results… So send in your wedding dress for cleaning – don’t worry we have seen it all! This does not mean that we can get every single stain out of your wedding dress and we do reccomend you read our terms and conditions page for peace of mind. “I have a good local cleaner” And you may have searched for wedding dress cleaners near me. We know you will probably have a great local dry cleaners. But they will almost certainly not specialise in wedding dress cleaning and preservation. We can assure you that we take the most care that is possible and we do work closely with such companies as House of Fraser, Oxfam & many of the top bridal stores throughout the UK. You will have been able to find us online for over 8 years now and in that time we have cleaned and boxed many thousands of wedding dresses.

Wedding dress cleaning Boxes
Wedding dress cleaning UK
Wedding dress cleaning UK Boxing

Gownclean wedding dress cleaningWe clean and box all makes of wedding dresses by all designers some are listed below:- Maggie Sottero Alfred Angelo Pronuptia, Alan Hannah Amanda Wyatt Benjamin Roberts Hollywood Dreams, Suzanne Neville, Pronovias, Ellis Bridal, David Fielden, Ian Stuart, Sassi Holford Stephanie Allin Charlotte Balbier, Jenny Packham,Rosa Clara, Elie Saab, Alfred Sung and Stewart Parvin, And many others… Recommended by Wed2be – Bradgate Brides –  Dresses 2 Impress u – Pink Confetti and many more local wedding dress stores.

Gownclean wedding dress cleaningSpecialist wedding dress cleaning company With over 30 years experience caring for wedding gowns, we offer a personal quality service for all your bridal cleaning and preservation needs. We can safely clean all dresses including those labelled SPECIALIST CLEAN, SPOT CLEAN and even ‘DO NOT DRY CLEAN’. We have a range of special processes. We also have a choice of several cleaning machines and different solvents including perc. Hydrocarbon and aqeuous. Because we are specialist wedding dress cleaners, we offer some of the best prices and quality found anywhere on-line or on the high street.

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